August 15th

     Frankfort Community Public Library, 6:00p.m.

     Discovering the Hidden Genealogical Gems in 23andMe

  • 23andMe results are packed with information. Learn how to dig deeper into the site to discover more genealogical information.  Explore your inherited appearance traits such as eye and hair color and how to determine their inheritance. Presented by Andrea Ackermann The cost of the class is $5.00.  Attendees that are working to maintain their librarian certification will earn one TLEU.  Registration is required.   Click here to register.

August 17th

    Morgan County Public Library, Monrovia Branch, 1:00p.m.-4:00p.m.

    Advancing Your Genealogy Research Using DNA Results

  • This free workshop focuses on tips for advancing your genealogy research through DNA testing. Topics will include: understanding the basics of Genetic Genealogy; analyzing DNA results and ethnicity estimates; utilizing new AncestryDNA features; developing DNA research plans; and more.  CIDIG team members will be available throughout the sessions to answer your questions.
  • Session 1: What’s in Your DNA?
    • Speaker: Denise Anderson-Decina
    • Denise will present an overview of Genetic Genealogy. Presentation topics will include: What is Genetic Genealogy; How do we inherit DNA; Why take a DNA test; What to expect with DNA results; variations in ethnicity results; connecting your family tree with your DNA results, and more.
  • Session 2: Using the New Features at AncestryDNA
    • Speaker: Angela Guntz
    • Ancestry recently introduced several new features for helping users to better understand their DNA results.  Angela Guntz will demonstrate some of the new Ancestry features such as AncestryDNA ThruLines, MyTreeTags, new and improved DNA Matches and Ethnicity Estimates. Attendees are welcome to follow along on their laptops or devices to locate the new Ancestry features.
  • Session 3: Do-It-Yourself DNA Case Studies
    • Speaker: Ann Raymont, CG
    • Do you have a genealogy brick wall? Have you run out of clues with traditional research and are looking at DNA results to help you find some answers? This session will provide you with a template to integrate your own genealogy research and DNA results to help solve family mysteries.  Ann Raymont will demonstrate this template in a case study using genealogy best practices and DNA evidence to discover new leads and identify an ancestor’s unknown parents.
Advance registration available here.

August 17th

    Henry County Historical Society, New Castle, 12:00p.m.-1:00p.m.

    Beginning Genetic Genealogy

  • As part of the Henry County Historical Society’s 2019 Genealogy Seminar, Steven Frank will present a class on beginning genetic genealogy.  You’ve received your DNA results — now what?  Steven will walk participants through the basics of genetic tests including ethnicity estimates, DNA matches, and connecting your family tree to DNA results. For more information visit

September 14th

   Johnson County Public Library, White River Branch, 10:00a.m.-12:00p.m.

    DNA Discussion Group

  • CIDIG team lead Denise Anderson-Decina will host a discussion of DNA issues in Genealogy.  Bring your DNA-related questions and work through them with the group.

September 17th

    Carmel Clay Public Library, 1:00p.m.

   Using AncestryDNA Tools

  • Have you recently taken an AncestryDNA test? Interested in learning what you can do with your results to further your genealogy research?  CIDIG speaker Andrea Ackermann will provide an overview of features for AncestryDNA and how to best use them in your genealogy research.

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